I’m a doctor specializing in weight management, preventive medicine, and public health.

I have faculty appointments at Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, and George Mason University. In addition to patient care, I work alongside many others in the public health and health policy fields to help make it just a little easier to be healthy in our society.

My office is in Washington, D.C. at the National Center for Weight and Wellness, where I work with patients on weight management and obesity, diabetes, behavioral medicine, disease prevention, and feeling good. We build productive and long-term relationships. They say really nice things about me.

I speak nationally and internationally on patient care and public health. I also spend quite a bit of time on academic research and teaching, advising progressive companies trying to make an impact on the obesity and diabetes epidemics, expert witness testimony.

That’s a lot about me 🙂 — feel free to reach out and tell me about you.


Why We Eat the Way We Eat.

Post image for TEDx Manhattan video produced and published

Last weekend I spoke at a TEDx conference in Manhattan, which was organized around the theme, “Changing the Way We Eat.” I was joined by a group of fascinating speakers and attendees, including Laurie David (producer of An Inconvenient Truth), Ken Cook (president of Environmental Working Group), Josh Verteil (founder of Slow Food USA), Lucas Knowles (from the USDA), and many others.

I was asked to provide a perspective on “Why We Eat the Way We Eat.” In part, it’s because Shrek and other cartoon characters are sort of like de facto Surgeons General. Take a look:

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