Baby Carrots

July 26, 2011

This is AWESOME:

I’ve repeatedly discussed the backwards “defaults” that drive the obesity epidemic (for example, see my TEDx talk where I was asked to answer the question Why We Eat the Way We Eat). A particularly striking one is the aggressive marketing of unhealthful foods, particularly to kids. Marketers know, and social science repeatedly proves, that marketing drives behavior. That’s why companies devote so much time, money, and attention to it. Unfortunately, at least when it comes to food, that means billions of dollars every year for the unhealthy stuff, compared with virtually nothing promoting healthful foods.

But this marketing piece runs counter to what we usually see…this is smart, in-your-face marketing for something that’s actually healthy for us (unless, I suppose, if you talk to some ultra-hardcore-Dr. Atkins’-type folks who say that even carrots have too much sugar.  Perhaps they’ll prefer this one).

To be sure, carrot commercials won’t solve the obesity epidemic. But couple carrot commercials with salad skits, apple advertisements, physical activity fun, and the like…and we’ll at least be taking some steps in the right direction. When kids begin to implicitly model those who eat carrots as much as they are raised (by virtue of living in our society and repeatedly sampling the typical TV, internet, billboard and other advertising) to be in awe of the Ronalds who work for McDonald’s and the Shreks that sell sodas, we’ll then start to take a bite out of this epidemic.

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